Aerial Photography

We are an Aerial video/photography business using drones. Being small and nimble they can reach places a full size helicopter cannot and at a fraction of the cost. Our aircraft can legally fly up to 400ft high so we have lots of opportunities for shots that simply aren’t available for full helicopters.


Commercial & Industrial

Looking for a unique and cost effective way to present a commercial development? Combining our 4K video abilities and smooth drone flights produce stunning marketing material.


Aerial photos/videos can really help differentiate your clients property from the crowd. We can show the property off in a unique way that won’t have been seen before. Get ahead of the competition and offer Aerial photos as part of the marketing of your client’s properties.

Sporting Events

We have experience of mobilising a trained team of drone pilots/operators and safety crew to film events in a safe a way as possible. We have filmed capture Aerial footage at football and rugby fixtures, production films and marketing shoots with moving vehicles.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

We can show the full extent of your school, college or university campus with photos & videos taken from up to 400ft high. You will get unique photos taken from never before seen angles and perspectives of your school/college/university.

We can produce videos for you or just give you the raw footage to weave into your promotional videos however you see fit.

Roof Surveys

Altura Aerial can survey the hard to reach places and inspect your roof for: Defective roof tiles/slates; Moss build up; Storm Damage; Theft; Repair work verification

We’re much cheaper, less disruptive and much more versatile than the other options of scaffolding, cherry picker or crane access. Whilst we’re airborne we can also take some Aerial photos for you to use for marketing if you wish.

For more details, please visit our dedicated wedding site.


Altura Aerial photos of your church from angles you’ve never seen it from before. We can also carry out Aerial inspections of the church spire and roof to see if any remediation work is required.