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Month: April 2020

3 Questions To Ask Your Virtual Tour Photographer Before Hiring Them

A virtual tour is among the best marketing resources you are able to implement today – it offers you a Return on Investment (ROI) within 4 weeks. Be sure you engage with a Virtual Tour photographer to do a high quality job within a good time frame. But make sure you ask the following questions…

3 Steps To Win More Listings With Email Marketing For Estate Agents

If you are an estate agent odds are you have a solid understanding of marketing and are pretty good at it. Given you have an enormous pool of prospects you are able to reach out to at any moment. But have you been taking full advantage of the database? Consider using email marketing to develop…

Real Estate Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

Listing presentations are going to make or break you. Can rapport be built by you quickly with the house seller? Is it possible to easily communicate what makes you special? Or do you provide a one hour, one way lecture to present while hyperventilating and sweating in your suit? While you are drying off, do yourself a big favour and continue reading to find out about these 5 common mistakes that you have to avoid in your listing presentation.