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3 Questions To Ask Your Virtual Tour Photographer Before Hiring Them

3 Questions To Ask Your Virtual Tour Photographer Before Hiring Them

Although it’s grown exponentially in the last couple of years, taking the marketing community by storm, the virtual tour sector has not been around for too long. One of the reasons for this explosive development is down to Google. Google is using the same technology that powers Google Maps to create Google Street View virtual tours for business.

As a result, businesses – particularly in industries such as education, real estate, hospitality and travel – have been in a hurry, attempting to buy their virtual tours as swiftly as they possibly can. Given this hurry, a great deal of photographers have emerged, every one of whom claim to be professionals in virtual tour digital photography.

A virtual tour is among the best marketing resources you are able to implement today – it offers you a Return on Investment (ROI) within 4 weeks. Be sure you engage with a Virtual Tour photographer to do a high quality job done within a good time frame.

Numerous individuals have a habit to employ the individual that comes at the most affordable price. Nevertheless, it is essential to invest a bit of time to determine whether a photographer is a proper match for your virtual tour. Hiring the wrong photographer is likely to have catastrophic consequences – you may also have to wind up redoing the whole thing, resulting in a waste of money and time.

Before you decide to settle on a person to whom you are able to entrust your virtual tour digital photography, the following are a few questions you need to ask:

  1. Do They Have Experience With 360º Virtual Tour Photography?

This is most likely the most crucial question. The sort of 360º panoramic pictures which are needed in virtual tours are different from standard photos. Unless a photographer has substantial knowledge in virtual tour digital photography, odds are you are going to end up wasting a great deal of time. It is a lot better they have experience in your niche – whether that is hotels, university campuses, or maybe real estate listings. Try talking to any references as you are able to to ensure that the photographer is able to walk the talk.

  1. What Equipment Do They Use To Take 360º Virtual Tour Photography?

Google has just recently lowered the bar so that your digital camera may be utilised to create 360º photographs for virtual tours. As a result, a great deal of photographers now have a simple “360 camera” that they are going to tell you is adequate to create high quality images.

Nevertheless, if you really would like a professional looking virtual tour, you should consider a higher spec camera like a DSLR Camera with a minimum of 16 megapixels or Theta Z1. The digital camera must have both on camera also as off camera flash, not to mention wide angle lenses (usually 10mm). An image captured with a higher spec camera like a DSLR has a significantly greater resolution; there is also the extra advantageous asset of the lens distinction. When processing a 360º photograph and moderating the captured images into a good virtual tour is best accomplished by professional with the skill set of handling specialised equipment.

In case a photographer compromises on the caliber of their equipment, odds are they are going to compromise on the quality of your images too.

  1. Do They’ve The Specialised Abilities To Get The Task Done?

The photographer should have a fair bit of understanding regarding the technicalities of 360º images. Allow me to share several things they ought to be well informed about:

  • The most effective vantage point for a 360º degree spin
  • The appropriate camera place to attain the right exposure and composition 
  • The most effective lens to be utilised in each situation
  • The perfect time of the day time to take the pictures so that the lighting is perfect
  • Staging of the location
  • Staging individuals in images that are different 
  • An accurate estimation of how long the whole procedure is going to take 
  • Do they’ve the knowledge and abilities to get the task done?

You’re entrusting the photographer with creating a critical advertising asset for you. That is the reason why personal characteristics such as trust, customer service, punctuality, professionalism, and work ethic should be important. The most effective way to confirm these abilities is talking thoroughly with as many recommendations as you can.

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