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3 Steps To Win More Listings With Email Marketing For Estate Agents

3 Steps To Win More Listings With Email Marketing For Estate Agents

Step One: Choose The Right Tools

  • Selecting The Proper CRM/Email Marketing Tool
  • Drive More Engagement Together With The Right Visual Marketing Solution

Step Two: Use The Right Content

  • Add Stunning Visual Imagery To Your Emails
  • Making Your Emails Mobile-friendly

Step Three: Develop The Right Email Marketing Strategy

  • Understanding Segmentation
  • Use Merge Tags To Increase Engagement
  • Get More Referrals By Emailing Consistently
  • A/B Testing And Tracking

If you are an estate agent odds are you have a solid understanding of marketing and are pretty good at it. Given you have an enormous pool of prospects you are able to reach out to at any moment. But have you been taking full advantage of the database? Consider using email marketing to develop brand recognition, convert prospects, and hold on to long-term customers – you might be missing out a big opportunity and leaving money on the table. The aim of this article is to enable you to figure out an email marketing strategy for your business.

Step One: Choose The Right Tools

Selecting The Proper Tools – Utilising The Right Email Marketing System Or CRM

So, how are you keeping track of your prospects and clients? Excel? Notebook paper? In case you have not identified the most appropriate email or CRM system to use, it is going to be hard to completely take advantage of your database of prospective and current clients. Something like Hubspot or Mailchimp to get started is recommended by us, as there is no cost to use (but there is at specific levels) while you decide the email marketing strategy of yours.

Systems like these also provide the capability to supply in depth analytics on your email outreach as well as segmentation depending on the various characteristics of your client base. These tools also provide the choice to A/B test your emails, that is a crucial element of any email marketing strategy. A/B testing is what is going to enable you to enhance your open rates as well as click through rates (CTR) in the long run. See Step 3 for more on A/B and Segmentation testing.

Top Tip

Be sure whatever method you choose has the capability to incorporate merge tags.

Merge tags are a remarkably profitable method to improve open rates as well as click throughs in your emails.

Drive Engagement Together With The Right Visual Marketing Solution

Your emails will be as good as the content contained within them. Dynamic visual content – such as videos, HDR photographs, floor plans, virtual tours and more – are extremely great assets you are able to include in your emails to generate engagement.

Because videos can’t be directly embedded in a email, you should invest in a tool which allows you to easily and quickly produce GIFs. Services at Digital Pivot 360 allow it to be extremely fast and simple to begin using GIFs in your emails.

Digital Pivot 360 can provide brief teaser videos that will showcase rooms in a home.

These videos are actually short enough to generate some interest and they are small enough to be viewed on a smartphone. These’re much more simple and visually stimulating assets to include in emails to offer more context.

Top Tip

Digital Pivot 360 has many visual advertising options you can utilise in order to optimise your marketing budget by obtaining HDR photographs, video clips, GIFs, 360º or 3D walkthroughs, floor plan, and much more.

After a shoot Digital Pivot 360 can offer HDR digital photography, 2D floor plan, 360º or 3D walkthroughs, as well as virtual reality to provide much more interest in your listings. When a prospect has expressed interest in a particular house (or clicked the teaser GIF), you are able to point them to a mobile friendly 360º or 3D walkthrough that they are able to check out like for themselves.

Listings with a virtual tour or video teaser receive 403% additional inquiries compared to those with no video.

Digital Pivot 360 has assisted Estate Agents and Brokers with HDR visuals as well as 360º or 3D walkthroughs since 2018. Digital Pivot 360 will continue to improve our business. 

Step Two: Use The Right Content

Use The Right Content

Home buyers are actually 65% more likely to email an agent as well as 95% more likely to call after viewing a property with a Digital Pivot 360 virtual tour, as opposed to those displayed solely with pictures.

Add Stunning Visual Imagery to The Emails of yours 

The home buying/selling procedure can be incredibly daunting as well as overwhelming experience for your prospective clients. A simple way to wow them and provide confidence in your marketing knowledge is including stunning visual content to your emails, to reassure them you are going to be in a position to present the very best marketing strategy available to them. We suggest including the following visuals into your email to wow your database.

Teaser Gif Snapshot Of Exterior Snapshot Of Kitchen

Consider a Living Room Snapshot or Bedroom Snapshot or Garden Snapshot with 360º or 3D Dollhouse Schematic Floor Plan.

Top Tip

Include a URL to a 360º or 3D walkthrough. Several Estate Agents have discovered they’re in a position to sell homes without an in person viewing by sending customers to a 360º or 3D walkthrough link. 360º or 3D walkthrough provide customers a real time sense of just how it feels exploring a house – and they are mobile friendly! Your clients and prospective clients are able to explore your listings as if they were really there in person after one easy click in an email.

Step 3: Create The Right Email Marketing Strategy

Make sure Your Email Is actually Mobile-Friendly

54% of email is actually opened on a mobile device. In case you are not making sure your emails are actually mobile friendly, you might be producing a terrible experience which might end up in extra unsubscribes and smaller clickthrough rates (CTR).

Mentioning videos in a subject line is able to increase open rates by 19%, based on research by Synecast.

Referrals as well as repeat business from existing customers can only happen if you are remembered by them and appreciate your expertise. The most effective way to remain current to your client base is by emailing them on a routine schedule. In case you are not segmenting the user base of yours for targeted email outreach, you need to be emailing your database once or twice a month with something of value to your audience.

The most effective way to remain at the forefront of your clients and prospective clients mind of mind is by emailing them frequently.

Develop The Right Email Marketing Strategy Understanding Segmentation

As soon as you have selected a CRM, add each of your contacts and begin segmentation. You are able to do this by producing groups specific to your customer base and geographic location. This could include things like marital status, interests, economic status, postcode, and so on. This can allow you to better target your email campaign. You ought to separate by Buyer/Seller/Existing Client to be able to allow you to personalise your specific target audiences. Give each area a certain brand that you are going to be in a position to provide value, like a local area or maybe Family Size.

For instance, if you’ve recently received a single family listing in a certain postcode area, you must be in a position to segment the email database and just send to leads that are marked in your database as:

Lead Type: Home Seller

Area/Postcode: Greenwich, London SE10

Family Size: Single Family

Use Merge Tags To Increase Engagement

If case you’ve a sizable database and you are attempting to be effective, merge tags are a good way to maintain your personalised emails while also hitting the most amount of people with the least amount of effort. If you are keeping your database segmented, you should have multiple fields with info about each individual in your database. This may include their first and last names, their present area, birthday, etc. When you send email messages to your clients to re-engage them, you are able to have these tags within the subject line to make sure they open them.

You may also like to try something a bit more complicated like including information about their interests. Many elements will be using first title merge tags in their emails, therefore it is essential for you to be more creative.

Bonus: Win Listings With Digital Pivot 360 (With Completely Absolutely No Commitment)

A/B Testing As Well As Tracking 

The more you email – the more information you will have to change your approach accordingly. For this reason it’s extremely important the system to select has a strong analytics component. Each time a mass email is sent by you, you need to be engaging in A/B tests. What this means is you’re testing one model of a contact point versus another email. The most frequent (and easiest) A/B test you can utilise is subject line testing. A good example could be testing whether having a listing’s geographic location within the subject line is more engaging to your target market than their first name.

One other test you might try is body content testing, that implies you try out testing a GIF inside your email versus only a email with text/words. This’s a definitive method to figure out precisely what drives engagement with your audience.

Top Tip

If you discover that emailing too much increases your unsubscribe rates, consider reducing the frequency to find out if that can make an impact.

Congratulations. There you have it

You’re now prepared to win business utilising email marketing and gain a lot more listings. Once the listing presentation with the home seller is scheduled by you, deliver and succeed by showing them exactly how you are going to use Virtual Reality and 360º or 3D technology to promote their homes.

With a Digital Pivot 360 Virtual Tour, I improved my listing appointment conversion process from 65% to 95% as well as decreased days and weeks a property was available on the marketplace by 56%. – RE/MAX First CHOICE Estate Agent

We have not lost a listing since we started using Digital Pivot 360’s 360º and 3D Virtual Tours within our listing presentation. Keller Williams Estate Agent

Nurturing your data source leads with email is one factor, but impressing sellers while in a listing presentation is actually another thing entirely. Top agents make use of Digital Pivot 360 Virtual Tours in their listing business presentation closer to impress their seller leads and gain that listing. Want to give it a try in your upcoming listing business presentation? And impress your prospective seller with our demo walkthroughs. 

Was this useful? Visit DigitalPivot360.com/resources for even more ways to establish your business or e-mail resources Digital Pivot 360.com.

Download our Listing Presentation Guide to help you succeed in a listing with Digital Pivot 360.

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