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5 Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

Real Estate Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

Table of Contents

  • Mistake #1: Be Unprepared
  • Mistake #2: Do Not Have A Distinctive Marketing Plan
  • Mistake #3: Give A Lecture Instead Of Having A Chat 
  • Mistake #4: Do Not Understand What Makes You Stand Out.
  • Mistake #5: Do Not Leave Your Contact Information And Do Not Proactively Follow-up

The Easiest Way To Win Is To Have A Two Way Conversation

Your Make Or Break Moment

Listing presentations are going to make or break you. Can a rapport be built by you quickly with the house seller? Is it possible to easily communicate what makes you special? Or do you provide a one hour, one way lecture to present while hyperventilating and sweating in your suit? While you are drying off, do yourself a big favor and continue reading to find out about these 5 common mistakes that you have to avoid in your listing presentation. If you are able to dodge these rookie mistakes, you will perfect the art of the listing presentation as well as score more listings, closings, and happy clients.

Five Listing Presentation Mistakes to Avoid

Have An Initial Telephone Discussion With Your Leads.

Find out the reason why they are promoting the property (upgrading? child on the way? Change in work circumstances?) as well as what their marketing objectives are typically (speed? profit?). Find out what they are searching for in an agent and just how many other agents they are interviewing. It will help you better place yourself against the competition, or maybe you can strike while the iron is hot so that you are the only one they are thinking about.

Learn About The Property

Drive by the property as well as click a picture, which will help get a feeling for the local community and discover what is special about the property you might highlight in the listing.

Run a competitive sector analysis (CMA) to find out about the other offered listings in the same Geographic location. While it does require additional work, it will help you with your listing presentation by setting expectations for the house seller pertaining to what their home may be worth.

Do not speak to the potential prospect prior to the listing presentation: you want to gain this on poise and charm alone.

Make sure to not to know something regarding the property, community, or perhaps estimated property values. Be sure the presentation is actually the very first time you have gone to the property. There is something unique about that very first time you arrive, and so cherish it.

Mistake #1: Be Unprepared

If your listing presentation starts during the presentation itself, you have by now lost. While a target of the market is learning more about the person, you have to come ready.

Mistake #2: Do Not Have A Distinctive Marketing Plan

Your competition is going to have the very same bells and whistles as you, so lean into technology such as a Digital Pivot 360’s 360º and 3D walkthrough capabilities being  at the forefront of marketing trends disrupting multiple industries including Real Estate.

Have a detailed marketing strategy in place – standard methods such as signs and digital options like open houses on Youtube or Facebook advertisements.

Bring a one pager about your marketing strategy to leave behind, as well as use the time in person to highlight a couple of tactics which make you special.

Explain you will be placing a 360º or 3D virtual tour of the property on the internet utilising a Virtual Reality camera technology. Digital Pivot 360’s Virtual Tour solution enables potential homebuyers to view a virtual tour via the internet. A Virtual Tour will drive curiosity and help boost sales. For extra points, take a VR headset along so that the homeseller is able to go through a virtual tour of a property you have sold.

Do have a simple, marketing strategy. Let the home seller realise you will erect a sign, host an open house viewing, as well as place a listing online for prospects. In case you are feeling adventurous, set up a couple of YouTube or Facebook ads. But let us be honest: many sales occur the traditional way, somebody driving by the home, views a For sale sign, and gets in touch to quickly sign a contract.

Do the best to make the seller comfy, and talk your marketing points without overtly offering them.

Mistake #3: Give A Lecture Instead Of Have A Conversation

A listing presentation must be a listening presentation. Invest in the seller as well as find out about their desires, and they will wish to employ you as their agent and recommend you to others.

Make a connection together with the seller. Show a real fascination with the seller as an individual, and understand a little about what is driving the decision to market their home

Do not come across as salesy.

While you wish to appear professional, there is a fine line between simply being sleazy and too formal and being ready. Do the best to make the sellers comfy, and talk your marketing points without overtly offering them.

Keep it sweet and short.

An excellent listing presentation is not just about how long you can hold their attention, it is about just how big an effect you made. An excellent presentation might be done in 15-30 minutes, and may last longer.

Give a pre scripted presentation to the seller, projecting as if you are presenting to a market of 1,000. Stay away from eye contact, ignore inquiries, and after your 3 hour presentation is actually done, leave right away.

After you have wowed them with your memorisation skills, they will have no option but to choose you as their agent. Don’t come across as being sleazy or like a used car salesman. Do not be on the phone while providing the listing presentation, eat gum, or respond to your mobile as well as yell, BUY! BUY! SELL! SELL! to clearly show them exactly how loud you’re and the number of choices you are able to make in 4 seconds.

Mistake #4: Do Not Understand What Makes You To Stand Out

In case you do not understand what makes you special, you cannot contact the owner to find it out. Stand out to be memorable and gain the listing. Understand what makes you unique and ensure the seller understands, too. Leave the sellers with an indisputable solution to their issue. Why are you the best individual to help you market their home? It might be personality, knowledge of the geographic location, or it maybe the use of 360º 3D virtual tours you utilise.

Whatever your edge, make sure it is stated by you, particularly at the conclusion of your listing presentation. People are going to remember the first impressions, as well as the very last thing you say.

So make sure what makes you better and unique compared to the competition.

By blending in with the competition your are  not making an attempt to be different, therefore you will receive similar outcomes to get selected. It is everything about luck anyway, so be sure you stand out as ‘The’ agent for them. 

Mistake #5: Not Leaving Your Contact Information And Not Proactively Following Up

Be sure to get the homeowner your contact information, it may sound obvious. Tell them when and how you will implement your strategy, then get it done ASAP.

Leave a business card and also let the homeowner know you will follow up with a email and/or a telephone call later that day or the next day. In that contact take note to reiterate items you discussed, indicating you paid attention to their desires, and re-state your unique value proposition UPS.

Provide your prospective customer a bit of time and do not follow up for no less than a week. You do not wish to come across as pushy, therefore it is essential to provide various other elements to steal your competitors client.

The Easiest Way Is A Two Way Conversation

A listing presentation is actually a two way conversation in which you are able to learn about the house and homeowners you could be selling for, and discuss what unique value you will provide to the listing if you are selected. It is a delicate discussion, where being assertive, sincere, and prepared will provide you with good results. Avoid these 5 mistakes and you will be on the path to scoring far more listings and closing far more homes. 

  • The easiest way is actually a Two Way Conversation 
  • Prepare and Learn about the homeowner, house, and neighborhood
  • Provide a detailed Marketing Plan Highlighting what makes your marketing strategy unique (i.e.Digital Pivot 360 360º or 3D Virtual Tour)
  • Have a chat, not a Lecture
  • Aim for a 50/50 split between just how much you speak and the homeowner speaks
  • State What makes You Unique
  • Reiterate what makes you better than the competition
  • Follow-Up
  • Follow-up via email as well as a voicemail the next working day, and allow them to know you will be doing so.

Bonus: Win Listings with Digital Pivot 360 

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We have not lost a single listing because we started using Digital Pivot 360 Virtual Tours within our listing presentation. – Keller Williams Estate Agent

Top agents make use of Digital Pivot 360 as their listing presentation closer to impress their seller leads and gain that listing. Want to give it a try in your upcoming listing presentation, and impress your prospective seller with our demo walkthroughs. 

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