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3 Questions To Ask Your Virtual Tour Photographer Before Hiring Them

A virtual tour is among the best marketing resources you are able to implement today – it offers you a Return on Investment (ROI) within 4 weeks. Be sure you engage with a Virtual Tour photographer to do a high quality job within a good time frame. But make sure you ask the following questions…

3 Steps To Win More Listings With Email Marketing For Estate Agents

If you are an estate agent odds are you have a solid understanding of marketing and are pretty good at it. Given you have an enormous pool of prospects you are able to reach out to at any moment. But have you been taking full advantage of the database? Consider using email marketing to develop…

Real Estate Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

Listing presentations are going to make or break you. Can rapport be built by you quickly with the house seller? Is it possible to easily communicate what makes you special? Or do you provide a one hour, one way lecture to present while hyperventilating and sweating in your suit? While you are drying off, do yourself a big favour and continue reading to find out about these 5 common mistakes that you have to avoid in your listing presentation.

Business Pivot Podcast - The Importance of Creativity For Business Growth

The Importance of Creativity For Business Growth…

We had the opportunity to speak with an extremely creative communicator an extremely interesting and talented woman, entrepreneur, individual that interests and excites you by creating unique engaging content. Francesca Baker is a freelance journalist that does everything from radio, podcasting, creative writing and so, so much more. Francesca is an incredible storyteller that has written and been featured…
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Business Pivot Podcast - Why Being Coachable Is Vital To Success In Business and Life?

Why Being Coachable Is Vital To Success In Business and Life?

We had the pleasure to speak with entrepreneur, business owner, mother, wife, power woman Kaya-Vasanthan Ramesh. Kaya-Vasanthan is a modern day Interior Designer, transforming homes into a personal, comfortable and luxurious retreat. The difference maker is Kaya-Vasanthan uses high street shops to bring a game changing design to your home. Unsure of your budget, perhaps…
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How To Live The Laptop Lifestyle In 2019?

We recently had the opportunity to interview ClickDo CEO on UK’s Top Business Blog in Canary Wharf . You can watch the interview in 360 degree awesomeness here:You can watch the full interview here We wanted to find out How To Live a Laptop Lifestyle? We are in the technological age and the way we…
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Sub Zero Brewing

Checkout Zerodegrees Micro-Brewery in 360 Awesomeness Who would have thought a brewery in the middle of a pizza restaurant would be a success, but almost 20 years on, Zerodegrees has become a staple of beautiful Blackheath, South East London. Located on the edge of the heath, the outside terrace makes for a wonderful summer spot.…
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It’s BnT Mate, Not GnT!

Checkout The Terrace on Piccadilly in 360 Awesomeness With its grand columns and tall glass windows, the Terrace Grill & Bar is a perfect venue for a proper afternoon tea. Located in Picadilly, it’s a perfect stopping point for shoppers in need of something stronger than a cup of Chamomile. With such a wide range…
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Immersed In Virtual Reality

Vertigo VR is a Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre/Arcade based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Having never been to a VR experience before, or even really had any contact with VR, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was really impressed with this entertainment centre. There are so many games and experiences for children and…
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What Is Google Street View?

Google Street View is a feature within Google Maps which allows users to explore panoramic views of the world, take a virtual walk, locate a specific shop, restaurant and/or hotel, and you can even explore landmarks. ​​ The moveable fully interactive panoramic views are achieved by stitching photographs together to form one continuous picture. This…
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