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Immersed In Virtual Reality

Immersed In Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Sphere

Vertigo VR is a Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre/Arcade based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Having never been to a VR experience before, or even really had any contact with VR, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was really impressed with this entertainment centre. There are so many games and experiences for children and adults to try. Me being 30, of course I had to try everything.

I first tried one of the immensely fun 8 VR Arenas, slicing and dicing fruit in the ‘Fruit Ninja’ game, dodging arrows in a medieval warrior fight off, and smashing musical blocks in an all surrounding Beat Saber. These Arenas are incredible, high energy and amazing fun. Virtual reality gaming experiences really do put you in the middle of the action.

The 5D Cinema was pretty sick too, a combo of 3D Movie, fairground ride and real effects that include water, wind, and smoke. I had the pleasure of experiencing  the ‘Steam Speed’ game. A steam train race between good and evil.

Best of all though for me was the VR Spheres, with ‘Faster Than The Wind’ experience. I was flying at speed through a VR city, with a jet pack on, experiencing a combination of VR, motion and wind to make it feel like I was really there. Soaring high into the sky, in and out of buildings and between cars. What a rush!
The staff at Vertigo VR were extremely approachable and friendly, and the time flew past in what seemed like moments!

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