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The Importance of Being Coachable In Business and Life

The Importance of Being Coachable In Business and Life

We had the pleasure to speak with entrepreneur, business owner, mother, wife, power woman Kaya-Vasanthan Ramesh. Kaya-Vasanthan is a modern day Interior Designer, transforming homes into a personal, comfortable and luxurious retreat. The difference maker is Kaya-Vasanthan uses high street shops to bring a game changing design to your home. Unsure of your budget, perhaps you’re short on time or lacking the creative confidence www.KaVaRa.co.uk  is your one stop shop.

Kaya discusses

  • Interior Design
  • Her entrepreneurial journey from Marketing to Interior Design
  • The importance of being coachable
  • And plenty of advice to take away if you are getting started with your own business.

You can contact Kaya directly online at:

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